KAM Exhibition | Propositions on Revolution (Slogans for a Future)

Fri - 12.15.2017 - ALL DAY

KAM Main Level, Rosann Gelvin Noel Annex, Light Court, and West Gallery

Free (donations accepted)

This exhibition takes the centennial of the Russian Revolution as an occasion to think about revolution as a broad category. It adopts a working method employed by early twentieth-century political organizers who co-authored slogans as a brainstorming device for developing consciousness of their contemporary situation and consensus about how to move forward. These slogans were intended less as propaganda than as agitation, propositions to be picked up and discussed in an ongoing process of collective self-production. Each of the works of contemporary art in this exhibition—by Chto Delat’, Tacita Dean, Coco Fusco, Jennifer Moon, Tameka Norris, and The Propeller Group—has been selected for its potential to start a conversation about what revolution means in our contemporary moment.


The exhibition is part of a series of programs at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, looking at the global impact of the Russian Revolution over the past 100 years.


Curated by Kristin Romberg, assistant professor of Art History