Shanghai Airport

Well-planned infrastructure requires providing more than the bare necessities. In addition to ample seating, large and staggered signs, clear pathways, access to food, and large bathrooms, travelers appreciate scenery. Urban planners and architects collaborate to provide all of these in public transportation hubs.

Traffic Jam

Urban planners must consider the common modes of transportation already in use in a city before proposing alternatives and plotting efficient routes for a redevelopment project.

Kate Pond

"Experience is key. You need to find things that interest you and then mold them into something you enjoy and want to do."

Kate Pond visited Illinois during her sophomore year of high school and fell in love with the campus. Though she began her coursework as a political science major, she soon found a love for urban planning. 

"There were small class sizes and a very personal feel in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, so I felt like I really fit in," Kate says. 

Matthew Rejc
Class of2014

"In one of my favorite classes, the instructor told us that by the end of the semester, we would never look at cities the same way again and, at least for me, he was right."

Urban + Regional Planning

With a top ranking from Planetizen (rated number one in the Midwest and eighth overall), the Department of Urban and Regional Planning provides one of the best training grounds in the country. Students receive a comprehensive education in modern analytical methods, the social and natural sciences, communication, and problem solving and can explore land use, social justice, sustainability, community and economic development, and transportation.

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