Lauren Cox

Graphic design major Lauren Cox (class of 2021) was deciding between offers of admission from an East Coast school and a midwestern institution when she received a life-changing phone call from the University of Illinois. Illinois had been her top choice but was not a financially feasible one for her family.

Maria Campbell

Art education student Maria Campbell (class of 2021) knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist. "I would go on jobs with my mom as she painted people's houses, and I was taught how to draw and paint by the age of three," she explained. By high school, she had developed an interest in multiple art forms and decided that art education might be the path for her.

"Being an art education major, I knew there would never be any doubt that I'm doing what I love every day," she said.

Maria Ludeke

Designer Maria Ludeke, who graduated in 2014 with degrees in painting and graphic design, was a Clyde Davis Scholar. The scholarship, established by School of Art and Design alumnus Clyde P. Davis and his wife, Kay, provided her with four years of tuition support. Without the scholarship, Maria would not have been able to attend Illinois.

Tea Bowls

The Way of Tea—Chado—is an ancient ceremony performed at Japan House. When attention is paid to every detail and both server and recipient use all their senses while engaging in the ritual, enjoying a bowl of tea is transformed from an everyday activity into an art form.

Tracing You

Tracing You by Ben Grosser, who is a professor in the School of Art and Design and a researcher at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, delivers snapshots of a visitor's whereabouts when they access the project's website. Behind the scenes a program captures the geolocation associated with the IP address and finds related online resources to display that will represent the viewpoint of each user.

School Tour at Krannert Art Museum

As part of its outreach programs, Krannert Art Museum invites children to tour a gallery, where they typically examine a handful of paintings and sharpen their observational skills and critical thinking. The museum also partners with local school systems for longer and deeper explorations of art.

Amanda Schneider

Amanda Schneider, LEED AP, MBA, is a researcher, writer, and founder of Contract Consulting Group, a research-led strategy firm serving the contract interiors industry. Amanda is a strategic thinker with a strong background including industrial design, market research, product management, sales, and strategic launch practices with a breadth of furniture companies within the interiors industry. She is fueled by red wine, decaf coffee, and very little sleep.


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