Don Giovanni

Alumnus Nathan Gunn, the general director of Lyric Theatre @ Illinois and a star on stages across the planet, made a different kind of debut in Don Giovanni in 2018. Not only did he play the title role—a corporate raider living in Manhattan in this version—but for the first time he served as director of an opera.

Photo by Darrell Hoemann.

Garden Design by the Prince de Croÿ

David L. Hays of the Department of Landscape Architecture examines how maps revolutionized garden designs in a 2017 article in Site/Lines. In his 15-year project Détail des nouveaux jardins à la mode—a popular and widely disseminated collection of garden prints—publisher and mapmaker Georges-Louis Le Rouge displayed his own surveys and helped reframe the design approach during the late 18th century.

Streetscape in China

Established neighborhoods can offer distinct challenges for urban planners charged with proposing a renewal project: accepted pedestrian routes, vehicular traffic, constricted space, historic structures, aging systems, and comfort with current features.

Kama Begata Nihilum

Phone apps that allow audience members to interact in real time with the movement, iPads onstage that dancers use to project images and make music, and networked performances featuring dancers on separate continents are only a handful of ways that John Toenjes of Dance at Illinois incorporates technology into his work.

Choreography by John Toenjes for February Dance: Hybridity, 2014, Photo by Natalie Fiol.


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