Seashore Library

Since graduating from the Master of Architecture program, alumnus Gong Dong has catapulted his firm Vector Architects to the top of China's ranks and has won international awards for his captivating work. His approach focuses on the relationship between light, structure, and space as in Seashore Library near Beijing.

Shozo Sato and Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman—Illinois Theatre alumnus, actor, comedian, writer, and producer best known for his roles on Parks and Recreation and Fargo—is also a carpenter and mentee of Professor Emeritus Shozo Sato. Offerman credits Sato with the discipline, mindfulness practice, and training in kabuki theatre that have enabled him to thrive as a creator and performer. In 2013 he constructed a gazebo (azumaya) on the grounds of Japan House to honor his mentor.


To celebrate the life of Professor Emeritus Beverly Blossom, her piece Brides was reconstructed by alumna Mei-Kuang Chen for November Dance: Attachment in 2015. This version included both male and female brides to commemorate the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

Photo by Natalie Fiol.

Krannert Center Interior

Covering two square blocks, Krannert Center was designed by Max Abramovitz, a graduate of Illinois Architecture who also was responsible for the domed State Farm Center (known as Assembly Hall when Krannert Center was completed in 1969) and the columnar David Geffen Hall (formerly Avery Fisher Hall and originally Philharmonic Hall) at Lincoln Center in New York.

Urban Data Analytics

For Urban Data Analytics—a project sponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy—Bev Wilson and Arnab Chakraborty created visualization tools to show which Chicago neighborhoods have people most susceptible to the adverse effects of a heat wave. They considered characteristics including age, disability, and income level and developed interactive mapping tools that allow projections to 2030 under different greenhouse gas concentrations.

Baufeld 7

Designed by Suchithra Prabhu and Gabriela Perez Santos for ARCH 573 led by Ralph Hammann

Earthquake Recovery Efforts in Haiti

When disasters strike, urban planners join teams that analyze recovery efforts by documenting the institutions and organizations involved, identifying funding sources for aid, and assessing the effectiveness of governance. Rob Olshansky traveled to Haiti shortly after the 2010 earthquake to evaluate the short-term steps taken to restore basic services and consider how the country and its institutions would need to change to make long-term improvements.

Photo by Rob Olshansky.


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