Choreographed by Earl Mosley for November Dance 2014

Photo by Natalie Fiol

Streetscape in China

Established neighborhoods can offer distinct challenges for urban planners charged with proposing a renewal project: accepted pedestrian routes, vehicular traffic, constricted space, historic structures, aging systems, and comfort with current features.

Jon Michael Hill

You may recognize Illinois Theatre alumnus Jon Michael Hill from the TV show Elementary or productions at the Steppenwolf Theatre, where he was the youngest actor to become a company member when he joined just after graduation in 2007.

Kama Begata Nihilum

Phone apps that allow audience members to interact in real time with the movement, iPads onstage that dancers use to project images and make music, and networked performances featuring dancers on separate continents are only a handful of ways that John Toenjes of Dance at Illinois incorporates technology into his work.

Choreography by John Toenjes for February Dance: Hybridity, 2014, Photo by Natalie Fiol.


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