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What have you always wanted to do but haven't had a chance to try? The Arts Exchange is your chance to build a city of the future with Lego, compose music using a computer, create new forms of theatre, learn the Alexander Technique, examine art books, and sample many more creativity-focused activities—one workshop at a time.

Our third Arts Exchange was a rousing success as students, staff, and faculty members from across FAA gathered for a day of collaborative learning and fun. Join us again in 2018 for this engaging event.

  • The Old New Media: Discovering Printmaking with Emmy Lingscheit and Guen Montgomery, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • Songwriting with GarageBand with Julie Gunn and Michael Tilley, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • Text, Color, Image, Object with Chris Kienke, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • The Art of Stage Lighting Design through Miniature Models with Robert Perry, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • Design for the Nonhuman with Aaron Brakke and Stan Ruecker, Photo by Natalie Fiol