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Student Support

Nilata by Asusena Cisneros, BFA Exhibition 2022

Surveys of prospective students show us that cost is the number one factor in their college decision. The average family debt for graduating students totals $50,000—double the amount of just 10 years ago. That's why student support is our top fundraising priority in the College of Fine and Applied Arts. 

Scholarships are critical for attracting the brightest students, ensuring a diverse and talented class, and alleviating debt.

Your gift is the catalyst for access to education, for nurturing ambition, for turning students' passion into possibility. Your investment will change lives.

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Scholarship Profiles

"When I received the call about my scholarship, the realization dawned on me that the load on my parents was gone. The decision was immediate."

"It's so important for people to have the opportunity to attend college. My life would not be as rich, as full, and as beautiful if I had not had this chance."

Photo by Grace Courvoisier

"Clyde Davis's generosity does not end with each scholarship. Rather, he has created a ripple effect of giving that will continue to grow."

"[Because of the Perkins + Will Undergraduate Award] all of these experiences have made me a stronger, more confident designer."

"I knew right away that Illinois would be the school that I attended—I felt I was already being accepted as an artist because of this scholarship. Being an art education major, I knew there would never be any doubt that I'm doing what I love every day."