Current Students

The Adventures of Little Sharp-Ears, Lyric Theatre @ Illinois, November 2019, Photo by Darrell Hoemann

Reach your full potential as a creative thinker. Expand your education by studying abroad or joining an honors program, and get ready for a fulfilling professional life in the arts with assistance from FAA Career Services. Here you'll find all of the information you'll need to flourish at Illinois.

  • Student Profiles

    Matthew Brooks

    Class of 2017

    Department of Theatre

    "The professors are amazing resources, and other artists bring so many ideas to the table. It takes a village to put on a production, and we have a strong one at Illinois."

  • Violet LaBrosse
    Student Profiles

    Violet LaBrosse

    Class of 2017

    School of Architecture

    "The Illinois student experience is so diverse. I've met people whose majors and experiences are so different from mine. . . . New opportunities are endless."

  • Bridgette Moen
    Student Profiles

    Bridgette Moen

    Class of 2014

    Department of Landscape Architecture

    "The college and the department encourage students to perform to their full potential, innovate, and explore new ideas."

  • Nora Mokate
    Student Profiles

    Nora Mokate

    Class of 2017

    School of Art + Design

    "I have the freedom to choose from a wide range of classes and activities and to focus on what interests me most and what suits me best."

  • Matthew Rejc
    Student Profiles

    Matthew Rejc

    Class of 2014

    Department of Urban + Regional Planning

    "In one of my favorite classes, the instructor told us that by the end of the semester, we would never look at cities the same way again and, at least for me, he was right."

  • Diana Shepherd
    Student Profiles

    Diana Shepherd

    Class of 2017

    Department of Dance

    "The Department of Dance is very welcoming and supportive, which makes it easy to make new friends and to explore who I am as a person and a dancer."

  • Noël Wan
    Student Profiles

    Noël Wan

    Class of 2014

    School of Music

    "The interdisciplinary nature of the university opens up so many opportunities. . . . The relationship between the School of Music and the College of Engineering has opened doors for unique projects by composers and featuring students."