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What have you always wanted to do but haven't had a chance to try? The Arts Exchange is your chance to play a tabla, make prints, practice yoga, stage fight, listen for sounds on campus, and sample many more creativity-focused activities—one workshop at a time.

Arts Exchange 2016 offered chances to collaborate across the college and explore art, design, and creativity. Join us in 2017 for the next edition of this engaging and informative event.

  • Pop-Up Performance Event: A Silent Disco! with Renée Wadleigh and Brendan P. Behan, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • Love’s Fire: Reimagining Shakespeare’s Passion with Valleri Robinson, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • Using Ourselves with Rebecca Nettl-Fiol and Philip Johnston, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • Escuela de Samba—Brazilian Percussion and Samba with Ricardo Flores, Photo by Natalie Fiol
  • The Art of Stage Lighting Design through Miniature Models with Robert Perry, Photo by Natalie Fiol