We Are FAA

The Turn of the Screw, Lyric Theatre @ Illinois, April 2021, Photo by Darrell Hoemann

The College of Fine and Applied Arts at Illinois is singular in the nation for its diversity, innovation, and breadth. Home to creative thinkers in the performing, visual, design, and environmental arts, our college encourages daring collaborations and deeper cultural understanding. Our bold artists, researchers, and educators include Guggenheim Fellows, Doris Duke Award winners, Fulbright Scholars, members of learned societies, decorated educators, and renowned performers. Our dynamic atmosphere motivates us to generate work that pushes boundaries and addresses society's most pressing challenges.

It inspires us, and it helps us inspire the world. We see the arts as a way to understand and express the human experience. We are leaders and explorers. We are problem solvers and builders of a bright future.

We dream big. Then we make it happen.

Our Mission

The College of Fine and Applied Arts is dedicated to the advancement, practice, and understanding of the arts. The central focus of the college is the synergy between research and the preparation of students for professional careers in the creation and interpretation of the environmental, visual, and performing arts. Deeply related to that focus is the commitment to elevate and sustain the study of the arts as both a necessary mode of understanding and a vibrant expression of human experience within the local, national, and international communities.